Perry Noyd: Let’s write privacy guide together

When I begun writing notes for this blog, I wrote mainly about Maxthon and extensions for Maxthon, but then (after Exatel’s report) privacy became the main topic for me. What’s changed? Almost nothing, but now I just want to change the format and I hope it would be really cool!

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The main reason to hate Brave

Sorry if I use wrong terms: in my native language Internet data package that I used today /this month is called «traffic»: 500MB daily, 20GB monthly, etc. I am not sure that in English «traffic» means the same and as I know you, guys, use «usage» for Internet data.

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I have an idea: PetsMap

I have an idea: what if we make a special map for lost / found pets? If you lost your dog, you can just select a search area and when some finds your pet, he can contact you to tell that your pet is fine. People who often walk with a dog can check the list of missing animals and if they see a missing dog, they can inform the owner. What do you think?

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I have an idea: Dcrypt

I have an idea: what if we make a simple and convenient extension for text encryption? In theory, it would work on all websites you need (twitter, facebook, email, etc.): you just select the text, enter the password and encrypt the text. Than you need just send the encrypted text to your interlocutor and give him the password (of course, you should use other communication channel). And it will work with shortcuts! Does anyone need this? What do you think? Are you ready to encrypt you messages?

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Why should Vivaldi add some privacy protection features?

Many browsers try to protect their users from surveillance on the Internet, many browsers provide their users with a pre-installed ad blocker, but most browsers are confident that they can stay away from all privacy problems. I am convinced that privacy should be available by default and I think every browser should add privacy protection tools. I see that Vivaldi Technologies is trying to be focused on privacy, but are you sure that «We do not follow our users» is enough to be «privacy-focused»?

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Looking for the perfect browser…

What does your browser need to be perfect? Sidebar for mobile websites like on Vivaldi? Split screen to work with several websites like on Maxthon? Pop-out video to save your time on YouTube? What else? Even if you close your eyes to the fact that almost all browsers look the same and work imperfectly, you will see that your browsers still need some feature from other one. This is true for any browser you choose: every time you need more!

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What about Brave?

About a week ago I switched from Chrome (it never was my default browser, but sometimes I used it because of some extensions) to Brave (I’m sure this is one of the most promising browsers today) and this note is devoted to my experiences of working on the browser. Let’s try to be brave!


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7 strange features of Vivaldi need to be fixed

This text was written after the release of Vivaldi 2.0. At that time I had a few problems with the browser that make it very uncomfortable for me. Vivaldi 2.5 will be released very soon, but will these issues be fixed? Today I’ve lost a hope that this will be fixed.

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Advanced AdBlock rules: Try to kill all trackers!

Are you sure that you are using all features of your ad-blocker? Because this is not about advertising only. Can ads filters protect you from trackers and replace popular security extensions like Disconnect, Ghostery or Privacy Badger? Why not?


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Must-have extensions for paranoid. Part 1

Sometimes I have attacks of paranoia and from time to time I feel that someone may watching me right now. Because as everyone today I have smartphone, laptop, reader, player and other gadgets and almost all these devices have camera, microphone and Internet connection. And these can be a threat for my privacy! That’s why I use a few specific security extensions. I can’t be sure that its will protect me, but I have to do something, I must try…

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Privacy-focused Facebook?

Every day we see new mistakes in Facebook management. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg understood that Facebook became evil and now he is trying to destroy his own creation. But now it may change: the company will try to create privacy-focused services. What’s wrong with this?

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