Perry Noyd: Let’s write privacy guide together

When I begun writing notes for this blog, I wrote mainly about Maxthon and extensions for Maxthon, but then (after Exatel’s report) privacy became the main topic for me. What’s changed? Almost nothing, but now I just want to change the format and I hope it would be really cool!

Let’s write privacy guide together

Many times I have tried to write my own privacy guide. It’s not so simple as I thought: I know what I want to say, but I don’t like how I do this. It should be simple and clear, but the text I wrote was so boring… That’s why I never published my own privacy guidelines.

If you’ve read recent my notes about UI, you probably remember that I was talking about a friend who helped me with the design. I tried to explain to him why privacy is so important and he just make several pictures about privacy and security. Great!

Now I know what I want to see when it will be done. Forget about long and boring text, we will short and simple notes (just two paragraphs: problem and possible solution) and then we’ll just add simple and clear picture to attract attention. I hope we can make something really simple and useful! But I want to make something you can use no matter what country you live in and what language you speak. So we will probably need some help with translation.

Usually I wrote text in English and Russian, but now we need to be sure that the text is correct and there are no mistakes. Fortunately, I know people who can help! When the text is written I show it to some friends who still don’t care about their privacy, and if they have no questions, I translate the text into English and send it to one of my friends from USA. He corrects the text (if it was necessary) and then I send final text to other our translators around the world. They will translate the text into their native languages, so we will have simple and accurate description of a specific problem and tips how to fix the issue.

For the first publications we used English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Russian, but we need more! If you want to help us to spread privacy and you have time to translate about 2-4 short paragraphs per week, let me know. Together we can make something you can show your grandma or child!

Stop! I still haven’t said anything about our hero… We have our own character! His name is Perry (surname is Noyd) and he’s really concerned about online privacy issues. Even if you have nothing to hide, it does not mean you want someone to surveil you. And if you agree with this , you can help us spread privacy!

By the way, you already can found Perry here:

What about Telegram? We think about this…

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