Perry Noyd: Let’s write privacy guide together

When I begun writing notes for this blog, I wrote mainly about Maxthon and extensions for Maxthon, but then (after Exatel’s report) privacy became the main topic for me. What’s changed? Almost nothing, but now I just want to change the format and I hope it would be really cool!

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I have an idea: PetsMap

I have an idea: what if we make a special map for lost / found pets? If you lost your dog, you can just select a search area and when some finds your pet, he can contact you to tell that your pet is fine. People who often walk with a dog can check the list of missing animals and if they see a missing dog, they can inform the owner. What do you think?

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I have an idea: Dcrypt

I have an idea: what if we make a simple and convenient extension for text encryption? In theory, it would work on all websites you need (twitter, facebook, email, etc.): you just select the text, enter the password and encrypt the text. Than you need just send the encrypted text to your interlocutor and give him the password (of course, you should use other communication channel). And it will work with shortcuts! Does anyone need this? What do you think? Are you ready to encrypt you messages?

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