7 strange features of Vivaldi need to be fixed

This text was written after the release of Vivaldi 2.0. At that time I had a few problems with the browser that make it very uncomfortable for me. Vivaldi 2.5 will be released very soon, but will these issues be fixed? Today I’ve lost a hope that this will be fixed.

Several really strange features of Vivaldi that need to be fixed

1. Web panel strangenesses

Every time I run the browser, the panel I used last is opened automatically. Is this a bug or a feature? Why do you use it? Because there are not «x» button and you can not just close opened panel, you can only hide it. Just think about RAM.

2. Zoom issue

I use different zoom settings for different sites: I need 90% for YouTube, 80% for Instagram and 75% for Toloka. As I know, I can not do this on Vivaldi, where any changes of zoom settings apply to all sites without exception. I never asked for this!

3. Missing settings

Vivaldi is highly customizable browser, but some settings available on vivaldi://settings only and this is really bad, because they still haven’t added a link to full settings or other mention. Many users just don’t know about this.

4. Public data that cannot be changed

Now I can not change my nickname or email. I’ll have to use it forever! But what if I really need it? If I can use nickname to log in, it should not be public, but Vivaldi force users to use a nickname as their blog address.

5. Illogical split screen

In my opinion, you don’t need to see several grouped pages on a split screen, you need to see one of grouped pages and other tabs. Maybe it’s only my problem: for a long time I used Maxthon and for me their split screen was better, easier and clearly.

6. Update notifications and portable version

Portable version must be isolated inside the folder. But every time I check Task Manager I see Vivaldi’s update_notifier.exe even if I haven’t ran the browser yet. Why is this happening? I use portable version to avoid things like this!

7. Non-working extensions

Some extensions from Chrome Web Store are still not compatible with Vivaldi. I know why and I understand all troubles, but I really need some of these extensions: for example, Google Data Saver still don’t save anything, but it works on other Chromiums.

Vivaldi is really cool browser, one of the best, but it’s still not perfect… And only little things like these may make it better. Maybe changes of web panels and zoom setting will be enough for me, but there are too many little thing that make me mad… Anyway, I still can recommend it!

September 28, 2018

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