Why don’t I use Telegram yet?

To be honest, I never trusted Telegram and its creators, but I was one of those who tried to defend the service when it was blocked in many countries, and I have to admit that today Telegram is one of the main social networks in the world and now this is the main alternative to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So, why don’t I use Telegram? The answer is simple: I can not.

Why don’t I use Telegram yet?

I gave up and was going to sign up on Telegram despite the fact that registering by phone number goes against my convictions, and what do I see? They don’t need my phone number, now they want I use their app even if I’m ready to use only a web version. So many people criticized WhatsApp for the disgusting web version, but ignore similar problems with Telegram. How is it better than WhatsApp or something else?

Why did you make a web version or a desktop app, if I still need to use the mobile app and be online every time I need to log in? Just add a special notification for luddites like me: «Get out! That’s not for you, that’s only for white people with smartphones and unlimited interest! who know how to use it. BTW, PC s*cks! Throw that garbage out the window, boomer!».

Damn it! I have a phone number, but I use it only as 2FA (the worse 2FA method, by the way). I have a smartphone, but I use it only as a watch or for SMS. I don’t even pay for the Internet on my phone, and I don’t use Wi-Fi (for many reasons). I’m a desktop slave and I use a browser (or a desktop app if I really trust the developer). So how can I use so wonderful app as Telegram? And what about millions KaiOS users?

Open ant search engine and type: telegram how to use… I’m sure that the first tip is «how to use without a phone number». Happy ignorance… You’d be surprised, but recently you were able to use Telegram «without a phone number». It was something like a virtual phone number. It was a crutch, but it worked. Now you need the app.

There are many people who can not use a phone number. There are many people who can not use mobile apps. There are many reasons why people can not use an app on a smartphone and a PC at the same time. And there is only one reason why Telegram forces these people to use their real phone numbers and be online on mobile apps: their data. You can’t control the data the application uses, but you can try to do this on the web.

I don’t need your help to protect my data. That’s my data and that’s my security. Give me control!

Oh, by the way, Telegram use end-2-end encryption only for secret chats, but not for all personal messages as they promise. Deal with it or use Wire: much safer, much secure and much more convenient.

Let me know if I was too stupid and didn’t notice some button that allows me to log in without an active mobile app.

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  1. Короче, бомбануло!
    Безопасность во все поля.
    И чем вас Steam Guard не устраивал?

  2. I don’t see the problem. It’s their app and you’re not forced to use it so find an alternative. What is the problem? I refuse to use social platforms and that is my choice. I know that Facebook, for instance, is going to sell my data and compromise my privacy so… I refuse to use Facebook. I don’t complain about it — I just refuse to use it. End of story.

    1. Sorry, but you can say the same about every thing in the world:
      • Windows10 makes a screenshot every 2 minutes. – It’s OK, it’s their service, they can do anything they want.
      • VPN’s spying on you instead of protecting your data. – It’s fine, it’s their service, they have the right to do this.
      • Antivirus copied a delicate file explaining it as a suspected infection. – You, guys, made this app for me and you can do anything you want with my PC. You are welcome!